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Operation Bless the Community is an annual Ivy project that begins on Ash Wednesday of each year.


The goal of the project is to raise funds that will be donated to select Ivy community partners on Resurrection Sunday. In 2019 (the first year of the project), Ivy donated over $18,000 to two local schools: Huntington Middle School and Heritage High School.  In 2020, our goal was to raise $20,00 to donate to select community partners.  We gave $10,000 each to the Free Community Clinic and Doris Miller Community Center.


This year the goal is to raise over $25,000 to donate to select community partners.


The mission of Operation Bless the Community is for Ivy to make a tangible impact in the community in which it serves. Ivy cares about our community as we do the members of our congregation. For each donation that is made, 100% of it goes towards the project; no monies will be withheld.


Ivy’s overall mission is to Love, Grow and Serve and this project is a way we can show love and better serve our community.


Please join us in helping to make our communities better and safer for all!


You can donate NOW!  Thank you in advance.

2 Steps to Donate to Operation Bless the Community

  1. Click Give.

  2. Enter the amount in Operation Bless the Community

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