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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

by Charisse Alston

Social distancing and stay at home orders may make us feel like our lives are dictated by restrictions as new guidelines rule our daily lives. Our children can’t go to school; our families can't go to the beach or to amusement parks. We can’t have date nights, parties or coffee with friends. Even our weekly edge-ups, shape-ups, touch-ups and fill-ins had to come to an abrupt and ugly halt.

Yes, there are many restrictions, but the important liberties remain.

We are free to reclaim our families, become healthier, cast our votes, rediscover our passions and reconnect with loved ones. Most importantly, we are free to connect with God and hear His voice again while resting in His presence.

So, here at Ivy we will celebrate our freedoms as we gather for bible study, prayer and worship services virtually.

Join us each Sunday, for our worship services and on Wednesdays for bible study.

Also join us for an authentic upper room experience as we gather around our tables and celebrate the Lord’s Supper with Holy Communion during our 2020 Resurrection Sunday Service.

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