About Ivy

Ivy Baptist Church is an ever-evolving, increasingly faithful and committed group of believers whose focal point is Jesus Christ. The strength of Ivy is the people and its foundation is built upon love: our love for God and our love for one another. Ivy's scope is to reach our city, nation and world with the salvation message that Jesus Christ offers to all who trust in Him. Our goal is for others to see, know, and experience the power of our God, in all families and communities.


We have certain "rules we live by" as Christians and as members of Ivy. If every member (and Christian) put into practice the 5 Points of Ivy, the church will be able to reach its vision and mission. The five points then are not to be remembered, but we are to live them out everyday.


Point #1: I must desire to have a better relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Point #2: I must strive to be obedient to God's Word and be led by the Holy Spirit to develop my relationship with God.


Point #3: I must establish a consistent time of prayer and bible study everyday.


Point #4: I must serve as Christian example to others through love and care for all people.


Point #5: I must conclude that my life apart from God is hopeless.


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